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Brain and Gut Connection – Disorders Associated

Is the Brain and Gut connected? That is the first question that comes to our mind. How do we explain it! Well, A simple way to look at it from a medical stand point of view. The moment you take a pill, the drug is digested in your stomach and absorbed into the blood stream. The drug starts the chemical reaction and associated signalling mechanism is initiated. Got it?

Similarly, the food (nutrients) that we eat is broken down and assimilated into the blood stream. The quality of the nutrient matters as well. Why? Here comes the connection. In the GUT, different kinds of bacteria, virus, yeast etc that is known as “Gut Flora” are present. The Flora is responsible for breaking down the nutrients and prepares for assimilation into the blood stream. Processed food or sugar cause the bacteria to convert to toxic waste and dump into the blood stream.Here comes the interesting part. The GUT and Brain are connected thru the Vagus nerve for brain signalling. That in turn starts the brain cell signalling.

Of late, we are hear about quite a number of disorders related to the brain. The most common ones are Parkinson’s disorder and Alzheimer. In both the disorders, the brain cells do not get enough glucose due to insulin resistance and cause cell signalling failure. In Parkinson’s disorder, the electrical firing mechanism between cells (synapsis) goes out of synch and causes the motor neurons to slow down. Tremors and slow movement starts… Similarly, In alzheimer’s , the action potential on the cell does not allow the cells to signal correctly. Memory loss happens due to the astrocyte cells and gliea cells in the brains that work out control.

An extract from a journal ……

Recent research has given important insights into the role of gut microbiota alterations in Parkinson’s disease (PD). Although motor deficits (including tremor, bradykinesia and rigidity) are the cardinal symptoms of PD, non-motor symptoms (NMS) (constipation, gastrointestinal disturbances, sleep disturbances and sensory alterations, among others) are also apparent and affect PD patients’ quality of life more negatively than the motor symptoms. NMS symptoms are often evident before the classic motor symptoms and a recent hypothesis suggests they may be linked to a dysfunction in the communication between gut and brain.

In all, Insulin resistance may be one of the key reasons for these disorders. Like I said, insulin resistance does not develop over night but over a period of time. The real question is .. can we reverse these disorders? Yes, we can reverse or prevent further degradation. The same way we developed these disorders, we can apply the reverse gear and get your body to repair by itself. In some cases, medication plus nutrition may be required in initial stages based on your condition. I still believe nutrition should be the first choice of treatment.

What should you do? Change your lifestyle and diet to go into reverse gear to reverse your disorder. Use the power of BioEnergetics to control insulin resistance. Simple as that.


Published by Satish Ramasamy

Owner of website, Certified on Metabolism(KAIST), Nutrition(Stanford Univ) and Science of exercise(Colorado). IT professional with 2 decades of experience and now developing Health care solutions For Diabetics.

2 thoughts on “Brain and Gut Connection – Disorders Associated

  1. Sathesh proud to know you have become a Nutritionist, guiding so many diabetics& hypertension pts to tide over the ailments. CONGRATS. Be Successful.


    1. Thank You, Appa for your wishes. YOUR WISHES mean a lot to me. Using a Combination of BIoenergetics and Nutrition, I help people to manage their Diabetic condition. I am in the process of setting up a Health care solution – Continous Glucose Monitoring solution using my IT experience as well.


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