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HbA1c is under Control with medication. Is that the long term Goal?

Over the last 3 years of Consulting, when I speak to most clients, they seem to be happy with control of HbA1C with a combination of Oral medication and or under Insulin therapy. Is that a good thing? For people, that may be struggling to lower their HbA1c for a long time, that is aContinue reading “HbA1c is under Control with medication. Is that the long term Goal?”

Hyperacidity, Ulcers and Gut Disorders

More and more as people come to me, I realise that most people have a problem with their GUT (stomach, intestine, Colon) that has led to the aggravation of disorders. What we have failed to understand is the human is designed to use all parts of the body to function properly. The organ and bodyContinue reading “Hyperacidity, Ulcers and Gut Disorders”

Glucose Meters on the market

Management of Diabetes is a billion-dollar market and provides a huge market for pharmaceutical companies to look for opportunity. Measurement of glucose is required to keep a check on fasting glucose levels and also postprandial glucose levels. Hypoglycaemia is an important factor in the management of glucose management. Spot Glucose level or Continuous Glucose monitoringContinue reading “Glucose Meters on the market”

Brain and Gut Connection – Disorders Associated

Is the Brain and Gut connected? That is the first question that comes to our mind. How do we explain it! Well, A simple way to look at it from a medical stand point of view. The moment you take a pill, the drug is digested in your stomach and absorbed into the blood stream.Continue reading “Brain and Gut Connection – Disorders Associated”

Build Your Immunity – Healthy Gut

With the Covid-19 spreading across the globe, there is widespread panic on the street and people are looking for remedies and ways to protect themselves from Covid-19. I am one of you and looking for ways to protect my family and friends. I am not a medical expert but I do have some “medi sense”Continue reading “Build Your Immunity – Healthy Gut”

PVAT and Atherosclerosis

Perivascular adipose Tissue – PVAT. What are PVAT and the connection between atherosclerosis? I was reading an article that caught my attention. Atherosclerosis, as we know, causes the build-up of cholesterol inside the artery and then further builds up plaque due to calcium deposit. The blockage of these arteries leads to vessel blockage and subsequentContinue reading “PVAT and Atherosclerosis”

Weight Loss -Toning and Fat Loss!

Most of us decide to knock off a few pounds or kilos of from our body through a combination of various diet programs, exercise regimes. That is an excellent thought ! Weight gain in the form of central obesity is largely due to the accumulation of visceral fat that causes inflammation across the body leadingContinue reading “Weight Loss -Toning and Fat Loss!”