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A Red Drop Series

I took up blogging as a way to share my knowledge and insight on Diabetes Management, Weight Loss Management and Non Communicable Diseases (NCD).

Why do this?

  • Gives you an insight into my journey on Diabetes Management, Mild Hypertension
  • Gives you my insight on what is happening across the Diabetes World

The Blog will have series of topics related to my insight into Diets, Exercise, Sleep, Intermittent Fasting and Emotional health. Also, I would cover topics on Healthy and Lifestyle Management.

  • I had to share some of my learnings and that should go further across to the society
  • I would be covering variety of topics under health care
  • I would love to hear from people on their journey of diabetes management
  • Effectively, I think I would have gained as well shared my learnings related to Diabetes Management.


Published by Satish Ramasamy

Owner of website, Certified on Metabolism(KAIST), Nutrition(Stanford Univ) and Science of exercise(Colorado). IT professional with 2 decades of experience and now developing Health care solutions For Diabetics.

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