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Weight Loss -Toning and Fat Loss!

Most of us decide to knock off a few pounds or kilos of from our body through a combination of various diet programs, exercise regimes. That is an excellent thought !

Weight gain in the form of central obesity is largely due to the accumulation of visceral fat that causes inflammation across the body leading to metabolic disorders.

Metabolic disorders should be tackled by fixing the metabolism rather than by medication. Medication may be used based on the severity of the disorder but Diet and exercise should be used as the first line of treatment. Sadly, our system wants a quick fix and resort to the application of drug as the first choice.

Most diets may assist you in weight loss in the initial stages but then lead you to do a U – turn in your weight management. Further disorders start and complicate the situation.

Your diet should help you gradually reduce weight around the mid-waist. Your first target should be to reduce 10% of your body weight. Remember, that your body has about 72% as water content. The first 6% will be a gradual reduction of the water content through the Low carb diet. Why Low carb?

Carbohydrates as a chemical structure have the property to retain water content. Reduction of carbohydrates will cause (signal from the brain to the kidney) the hormone Aldosterone to reduce the water content through osmoregulation of the kidney. You will see a reduction of Blood pressure as a result of a low carb diet. As a result, you will start toning around your body. Weight reduction will happen.

The next 4% will be the reduction of visceral fat. Low carb will cause your body to look at the alternate source of fuel for basal metabolism. Break down of fat will happen through a process of Ketosis even if you are not on a ketogenic diet as well. You will gradually see a reduction of fat loss and probably drop a couple of inches of your waist.

Overall, you will see a reduction in body weight and visceral fat. A healthy weight reduction by knocking of 2-3 kgs every month helps overall metabolism and avoid cravings and reversal over some time. Your weight should plateau after you have reached your target. Your body will determine what is a healthy weight loss. Also note, spot reduction of fat across the body is not possible. Fat loss normally starts with visceral fat around the stomach.

An important point to note is that loss of water means electrolyte loss from the body. Side effects can cause mood swings, headaches and AF in the heart. Electrolyte balance must be maintained thru diet as well.

The expensive proposition is that you may need a wardrobe change which I think is a lot better than being overweight and have metabolic disorders.

Good Luck with your Healthy Diet.


Published by Satish Ramasamy

Owner of website, Certified on Metabolism(KAIST), Nutrition(Stanford Univ) and Science of exercise(Colorado). IT professional with 2 decades of experience and now developing Health care solutions For Diabetics.

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