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Will Allopathic Medicine cure Diabetes?

Medication or Holistic Approach to reverse or Manage Diabetes?

Most Likely you are reading this blog after you had your Blood Glucose readings (Fasting Glucose, Postprandial Glucose and 3 month average reading (HbA1C). Are they off target of the prescribed ranges as given by your medical practitioner?

The most common drug that is given by your doctor is Metformin. The name of the drug can vary by company name (Glumet, Glyciphage). Based on your reading the prescribed dosage is 250 mg to 500 mg. Sustained release or extended release version of metformin are given in some cases. The Glucose levels are kept in control during the initial months or years. The dosage levels keep going up over the years until it comes to Insulin Shots. Any diabetic would start with one medication and then over a period of time add one or more medication.

The medication goes on till “treatment until point of failure”.

Has your Doctor to go on a Diet and to start an exercise regime as well? If not, please change your Doctor or do not pay the “consulting” fees. The literature in the medication boxes as well advice you to change your diet, add exercise while on medication.

All medication (allopathic) have “side effects” in the long run. We heard the medical practitioner say “side effects” only… What would be your reaction, if the wording was “slow death” ? Gulp! A lump in my throat. Well, there are these side effects… Most common are GI track dysfunction. Is that important? Of course, if you have GI track dysfunction, you will not absorb the macro nutrients and probably develop an inflammation in another organ.

Heard about Statin Drug (cholesterol reducing) medically induced Diabetes?

What is Holistic approach for Diabetes Management?

By Holistic approach I mean, combination of Diet (refer to previous blog), Exercise (different types), Improved quality of sleep and Intermittent fasting you can make rapid strides on Diabetes Management. Please continue your medication until you start making the holistic changes to your life style and as you see the levels coming down, Please insist on your doctor to reduce the dosage of medication.

What is the time period to see an improvement with holistic change?

Technically speaking, it would take a period of 2-3 months of time to see changes by way of holistic management. Why does it take this amount of time? The erythrocytes or Red Blood cells(RBC) are generated every 120 days and as glycation reduces (glucose sticking to red blood cells) the HbA1C levels will start dropping. Holistic management works across all ages, gender and can cause reversal on severe levels(HbA1C levels > 11) as well.

Besides, financial benefits, you go a long way in leading a healthy and better quality of life.


Published by Satish Ramasamy

Owner of website, Certified on Metabolism(KAIST), Nutrition(Stanford Univ) and Science of exercise(Colorado). IT professional with 2 decades of experience and now developing Health care solutions For Diabetics.

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