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Biomarkers for Diabetes – Invasive and Non Invasive

What are the trends in measuring your Biomarkers for Diabetics ?

Broadly speaking, there are 2 types of methods in measuring the biomarkers for Diabetes.

  • There is the invasive measurement (pricking your finger or drawing blood from your vein)
  • Non invasive measurement like Dysbiosis (analysis of bacteria, Fungi) in fecal sample and measuring levels of interstitial fluids from cells.

Invasive Measures ( Blood Samples)

Phlebotomy – drawing blood from the veins or measure the glucose and fasting insulin levels . The blood samples are analysed in the labs using the HPLC method (HbA1C) and CLEMI methods for Insulin levels. The accuracy of the tests also depend on the skill level of the technician, chemicals used in the labs for titration and centrifugal process. Modern day Gluco meters can measure the levels from a drop of blood from the finger. Gluco adapters can be connected to mobile phones and readings of glucose be directly stored in Apps on mobile devices.

Non Invasive measures (Dysbiosis, Interstitial Fluid, Enzymes in Tongue)

New non invasive trends in measuring the bio markers are thru Dysbiosis (bacteria as AKKA – akkermansia muciniphila) in the GUT, measuring Interstitial fluid at cellular level and measuring the enzyme levels (amilase and lipase) in the tongue are some trends emerging in measuring the biomarkers for diabetics. Wearable devices that continually measure the levels thru sensors embedded below the skin or patches give us readings of fluctuations of glucose.

Multitude of Apps for andriod and apple devices gather lot of data from the consumer and provide them cloud management or platform support in their journey of Diabetes management.

I am putting together a separate blog on these Apps and Applications as well.


Published by Satish Ramasamy

Owner of website, Certified on Metabolism(KAIST), Nutrition(Stanford Univ) and Science of exercise(Colorado). IT professional with 2 decades of experience and now developing Health care solutions For Diabetics.

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